School is starting up again and so is the concern about youth vaping.  As parents It is time to start having the discussion with our children about the harmful effects of vaping.  Many young people think vaping is cool and harmless.  More than 2 million middle and highs school students currently vape.  But E-cigarettes are the most common form of youth vaping.  Some E-cigarettes contain enough nicotine as a pack of cigarettes which can get them hooked on vaping quicker.

If you have questions about youth vaping or are just hearing this information for the first time you are invited to attend a Community Conversation.  Parents, caregivers, and educators are invited to attend to learn about the latest facts in youth vaping as well as prevention methods.  The event will be emceed by Maranda, Wood TV, and hear from a Grand Haven mother and her teenage son’s recovery from vaping. Sign up now to register for this free event here.