GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-On September 19th, Samaritas will be welcoming Scott Hamilton to Grand Rapids at the Amway Grand Plaza.  Scott will be sharing key messages of inspiration, focusing on how we respond and learn when we are challenged in life, as well as how we respond to an opportunity or failure.  Scott is no stranger to adversity, and he believes that our periods of rough goings is meant for something.  It is easy to get overwhelmed by a problem but if we let it crush us then we are missing an opportunity to rise and learn from it.

Samaritas is an amazing organization that provides service care for people of all ages.  They provide adoptive and foster care services which If you did not know, Scott Hamilton was adopted.   Samaritas entire mission is responding to the needs of the community.  With over 76 different services offered from foster care to senior assisted living they go above and beyond every day to meet the needs our community and individuals face.  Applied Innovation has a been a partner of Samaritas for years and for good reason as their values align with Samaritas.  For more information or to get tickets to see Scott Hamilton talk on September 19th click here.      

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