GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)- An exciting school year lies ahead for students and educators of Kent ISD! Maranda recently visited Dutton Elementary School in Caledonia to meet eager fourth graders in Courtney Oosterhouse’s class. These bright young minds are ready to kick off the academic year, embarking on a journey of learning, growing and accomplishing their dreams!

To help her students discover their aspirations, Ms. Oosterhouse encourages the fourth graders to illustrate their goals, like dreams of becoming “a pilot” or “paleontologist.” This fun exercise is just one of numerous focal points of the academic year. Ms. Oosterhouse will also focus on building relationships with her students and reminding them that she believes in them, which aligns with the school’s positive vision.

Photo courtesy of Maranda.

Shawn Veitch, Principal of Dutton Elementary, says the school is all about helping kids “truly believe in themselves, and to help them see all the great things that they can accomplish.”

“We do it by building relationships, showing them how much we love them, setting that high bar with high expectations and we do great things at Dutton Elementary. I’m proud of these kids,” Principal Veitch said.

Dutton Elementary is one of many schools embodying Kent ISD’s guiding principle: “When our students succeed, we all succeed.” Kent ISD’s media platform, School News Network, is committed to spotlighting authentic student and educator success stories through its acclaimed “Your Dream is Our Dream” series/initiative.  

This year, School News Network proudly celebrates its 10th Anniversary of showcasing the remarkable stories of students succeeding at every level and the educators helping them accomplish their ambitions. To hear more inspiring stories click here.  

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