GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – As the refugee crisis continues to grow and Russian attacks on Ukraine continue, our friends at Samaritas are stepping up to help. In partnership with Christ Church Cranbrook, Samaritas was able to send a representative to Ukraine to help aid in the efforts of transporting refugees across the boarder. Mihaela Mitrofan was the representative that was able to make this journey and support Operation Humanitarian Ukraine Mission.

Mihaela travelled to Romania where her and a team of volunteers prepared for refugees. They then made the journey across the boarder into Ukraine where they picked up refugees and transported them back across the boarder to Romania. Mihaela’s efforts were dedicated to helping provide food, shelter, medical support and fellowship to the Ukrainian refugees.

During her mission Mihaela documented her work through an online video blog that is accessible on the Samaritas website. Mihaela documented her journey with photos, videos and diary entries that captured the weight of this mission and the current crisis that the Ukrainian refugees continue to face.

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