Grand Rapids, MI (WOOD) – Samaritas has everything you need to become a foster parent you just have to have the heart to become one.  For Sam and Leah Moerdyk that passion to become foster parents started early when they were dating and became a reality once they were married.  They got involved after feeling as if though they were missing out on something that they were supposed to be doing more in their lives.  That is when they got involved with Samaritas and have changed the lives of these children forever.

 Sam and Leah hearts are open and it’s hard for them to say no as they have fostered up to 8 kids at a time.  Sam says that there are so many people out there than can benefit from becoming a foster parent.  One of the greatest mistakes in your life is to do nothing because you can only do a little bit.  Sam encourages us to start from that little bit that we can help and watch the opportunities flourish from there.       

Samaritas offers many resources for Foster Parents during their journey.  They have a Foster Care support group that is where families can come and meet other foster families to talk and discuss their issues.  Leah said becoming a foster patent gave her an entirely different perception of love.  She says if you are willing to love that is all it takes to become a foster parent. You can find more information about becoming a foster parent here.

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