GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-Many 15-year-olds can tell you a list of achievements and experiences such as winning a sporting event, traveling to another country, some may even be starting to learn how to drive, but for most, writing a book is something that is not on the list.  Patrick, a 15-year-old Author who resides in Spring Lake, published his first book when he was 13, titled Letters to Grandpa.  The inspiration for the book came from Patrick, who reconnected with his grandpa after his grandma passed away by writing letters.  From those letters came this inspiration to write a book, to help and inspire others in troubled times.

Patrick’s Grandpa had been caring for his grandma who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for 9 years before passing.  After her passing, Patrick’s grandpa was distant, and the Goran family became disconnected from him.  That was when Patrick found a way to reengage with his grandpa and help him.  Through his letters not only did Patrick grow closer to his grandpa but so did his entire family.

 Patrick hopes that his book Letters to Grandpa will help a lot of people.  He hopes that his letters will invite others to find joy and help navigate hardships.  You can purchase a copy of Letters to Grandpa online at Amazon here.  A part of the proceeds from every book is being donated to the Alzheimer’s association to help others like Patrick’s grandma.         

Here is a touching excerpt from Patrick’s book!