GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) –It is the Holiday season and while we are out giving gifts and spending time with our loved ones, the best gift you can give yourself if you are a smoker is to quit!  Priority health has you covered with lots of resources, tips, and support in your quitting journey.  Many people have tried to quit with no success and while quitting smoking is hard, they may not have been taking full advantage of the tobacco cessation resources available to them at Priority Health.  Dr. David Rzeszutko, Vice President of Medical and Operations at Priority Health shared some tips on how to quit smoking and where to start.

There are 2 approaches that need to be taken for successful tobacco cessation.  They are both focusing on behavioral health and the physiological addiction to tobacco.   The physiological side focuses on the addiction and using medicines and nicotine replacement medicines to help folks quit.   Priority Health offers in person counseling and digital tools to help support someone trying to quit.  Another resource that is offered to help smokers quit is the 3-step program at Corewell health West. You can also call the Michigan Tobacco quit line at call 1-800-QUIT-NOW.

Another important tip when it comes to quitting smoking is how we prepare for it.  The more prepared we are to quit smoking the more successful we will be.  It is important first to identify the reason you want to quit, then pick a quit date.  It is important that you have a support group of friends and family who know what you are going through as you may be on edge and not quite yourself.  While other tobacco products may seem like a safe alternative to cigarettes, those facts are a myth, specifically when it comes to E-cigarettes.  While they may look like a safe alternative to cigarettes, they are more addictive and equally as harmful.    

Did you know that for many years smoking is the one of highest reasons for mortality in the United States?  1 in 5 people are still facing mortality because of tobacco.  Priority Health offers many resources online and, on their app.  The best gift you could give yourself and loved ones this year is to quit smoking. 

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