GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)-Priority Health cares about our community.  That is why they have invested their time and resources to make sure that everyone in our community has the opportunity to live their healthiest lives.  Having healthcare is especially important for moms and their babies.  As a community we need to be aware that there are still health disparities in our colored community.  

Priority Health is trying to fill those disparities by offering the Centering Pregnancy Program.  This program is particularly effective for mom of color.  This program connects groups of women who are at similar stages of pregnancy and conducts prenatal care as a group.  Priority Health understands that everyone should have the right to healthy options.  Change has to happen, and Priority Health knows that we have the right people and support from the community to make these changes.

You can learn more about the Centering Pregnancy Program and other methods of support here.