GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – Our friends at Priority Health have teamed up with a great organization, the Children’s Healing Center, to provide a safe place to play and have fun for kids with compromised immune systems. The expansion will include more play and recreation therapy, social and emotional support programs and support for parents. The Children’s Healing Center allows kids with complex medical conditions a place to play where families can go and not worry about germs. This safe access to play ends up translating into fewer inpatient hospital stays. You can read more information about this partnership here!

>>>Take a look at the video above for more information and read the testimonial below from Priority Health patients.

For Priority Health patients Brenda Clark and her daughter, Angela, the Children’s Healing Center has become their refuge from the outside world. Angela, who is nearly 8, has suffered from severe asthma since she was a small child, leaving her with a weak immune system.  

“Angela always asks me, ‘How many days until we can go back?’” Brenda says.

Angela had a particularly difficult time making friends at school. That all changed when they joined the Center.

“I love everything here!” Angela shouts with glee. “I love the games, arts and crafts, making friends – everything about it makes me happy. I have made so many friends here.”

The parent support programs have been particularly useful for Brenda.

“Talking with other parents who are going through similar experiences is so helpful,” Brenda says. “I’m inspired by the families who attend the Center – they are so strong and resilient.

For Brenda and Angela, the Center has opened a whole world of possibilities of finding people who are there to support, help out and just be a friend.

“It has awesome programs and a great support system,” Brenda says. We’re so glad we joined.”

Sponsored by Priority Health.