October is fire safety month, E.S.C.A.P.E. Fire and safety and Craig’s Cruisers want our families to have fun and to be safe this fall.  Fire prevention is something that needs to be practiced every day and not just during its awareness month.  An important tip that Michael McLeieer, Fire Lieutenant, and Certified National Fire Instructor at E.S.C.A.P.E. Fire safety stressed is talking to our kids about having a fire escape plan in our homes.  It is important to have 2 ways out to safety.  While this may be a scary topic to talk about with our kids, we can give them comfort by establishing a safety plan as a family.  Once a plan is established, it is also important to have a meeting place outside where everyone can find each other in the event of a fire.    

Craig’s Cruisers surprised the Wayland Firefighters with Pizza for all their hard work.  Cruiser was there to help thank our firefighters and first responders for everything that they do for our community.  There are 23 hardworking firefighters in Wayland.   When asked many of these firefighters are thankful that they can serve and protect their community.  While it is fire safety awareness month, it is also important that we thank our firefighters for keeping us and our community safe.   

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