GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – The balancing act of virtual learning and working from home is a lot for anyone to handle. Jean Holthaus from Pine Rest gives advice and tips on how to deal with it all.

The first tip is to lean on your community. While we might not be able to sit down together for a cup of coffee, we can still reach out to other parents to identify which methods of virtual learning is working and to gain advice on maneuvering through the challenges.

Establishing a schedule is a major way to help your child adapt to this new lifestyle. We’ve all lost our sense of time throughout the year, and our children are used to their regular school day, especially the list of activities planned for each day! Also, the attention span of an adult is only 15-20 minutes, and the younger the child, the smaller the attention span.

With a lot of our schools reopening, even if hybrid, it’s important to remember that our children have been living in a ‘safe bubble’, knowing little about COVID-19 and its effects. As for high school students, transitioning from hybrid to in-person learning means that they have to readjust to interacting with teachers and classmates, safely.

Adjusting to this new way of learning can be difficult, but we can get through this together! If you’re in need of additional advice, Pine Rest has 8 Tips for Learning at Home During COVID-19, Advice for your child’s back to school anxiety, Advice For Families Anxious About Reopening, Helping Children Better Manage Stress, and more! Their blog also has lots of tips to help you continue to cope during this time of uncertainty.