GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – Our friends at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services recently sat down with Maranda to motivate us and inspire us to take on the new year. Pine Rest Clinician, Elizza LeJeune offered some great key tips as we navigate the new year:

  1. Challenge the thought (Just because it feels true doesn’t make it true)
  2. Take figure 8 breaths (Trace a figure 8 and pause/breath in where the lines overlap)
  3. Distract yourself (call a friend, dance, draw)
  4. Enhance your senses ( try aromatherapy, list things you can see, touch something soft, eat a piece of candy)
  5. Think of a positive outcome
  6. Ask to talk to a professional

For more resources, visit the Pine Rest website or give them a call to chat with a professional.