GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – Our friends at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services are here to help families correct behavioral challenges in children. Through Nurtured Heart Approach children and families will “develop Inner Wealth™ and build appreciative, uplifting bonds between them.”

Nurtured Heart Approach 

  • Set of strategies to empower families to assist children in developing self-regulation 
  • So often parents feel like they have “tried everything and nothing works”
  • Teaches parents how to connect with children in a new way
  • Transforms way children perceive themselves 
  • Awakens kids to their own greatness 

Reasons why Pine Rest encourages this approach:

  • Present with the child. Tell them what I see, so they feel seen and heard and appreciate them for their greatness.
  • Rather than putting my energy into pointing out what they are doing wrong or should be doing. We focus our energy on recognizing them for what is going well.
  • This approach uses rich language that goes beyond “good job” or “way to go.” It speaks to the child’s self-esteem.

Pine Rest is offering a free Introduction to Nurtured Heart Approach through an online class on January 25, from 12pm to 1pm.  

The next session starts February 1 that will kick-start their six week session that is open to parents, legal guardians, grandparents, foster parents, other family members, educators and other professionals that work with children.

For more information on Nurtured Heart Approach visit the Pine Rest website: