GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-Talk sooner has wrapped up their vehicle and have hit the road in 7 different counties to get the conversation started for many families about drugs and alcohol.  September is Family dinner month, and it is a time to get everyone together to share a meal and a conversation.  Having regular family meals is a great way to support your children.  The dinner table is a natural place where many people open up about their day or what is bothering them.  This is a great place to address alcohol and drugs and talk about what is wrong with your kids as they connect with you over dinner.  Another great time to talk to your kids about important issues or things that are bothering them is in the car. 

While it is family dinner month a great place to grab dinner at or pick up a pizza is Craig’s Cruisers.  They have a delicious and versatile menu that can help you get the conversation going with your kids.  They offer a great selection of food options that includes, Spaghetti, Meatballs, Mac ‘N Cheese, Breadsticks, Cookies, and Ice Cream to name a few.  You can reward your kids by making good and healthy choices by taking them to Craig’s Cruisers where you can enjoy so many fun rides and attractions.  You can find more information about all the delicious food and fun they offer here

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