Nitro Circus is coming to LMCU Ball Park next Thursday, September 1st for their Good Bad and Rad Tour.  The tour is a new showcase that features new athletes, contraptions, and stunts.  This is a fun family friendly event that will be the perfect lead up to the Labor Day weekend.  Enjoy a dynamic show led by Ryan “R-Willy” Willams and Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham, performing on a new stage with new athletes that will soon become household names.  

New features to the show include the “A SHOC Fun Box”.  This is where athletes will compete to do a 30ft jump to land on a small platform that is hanging in midair.  There will also be bike jousting where riders will do combat in a Nitro Circus Style.  There are also new contraptions that will really give Nitro Circus a boost, they are the fighter jet and the flying pig.  They are not only increasing the speed but the heights as the Next Gen ramp is setup for increased hang time allowing for even bigger tricks to be made.  Tickets are available still for Nitro Circus at LMCU ballpark on September 1st, you can purchase them here.

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