Grand Rapids, MI (WOOD) –Milk Means More wants us to know that while we celebrate Halloween this year, we can still have fun and be healthy.  They have displayed several different ways to make your Halloween party at school or at home healthy.  One of the first ways is to take Mandarin oranges with a sharpie marker and decorate them like Jack O’ Lanterns by drawing fun faces.  Another healthy and fun Halloween snack idea is to take cheese sticks with a sharpie marker and decorate ghost faces on them.  These are fun and good ways for your kids to get their dairy requirements in as they should be getting 2 and half to 3 servings of dairy daily. 

 Another fun way to put healthy in Halloween this year is this delicious stuffed pepper pumpkin veggie dip:

Mix 1 cup half and half Greek yogurt, half cup peeled diced cucumbers, Teaspoon and a half of dill, and half a cup of lemon juice into a bowl.  Serve or chill for later enjoyment.  Then take a pepper, hollow it out and fill with the dip.  You can make it look festive by cutting out a Jack O’ Lantern face on the side of the pepper!    

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