GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-Milk Means More has many ways for you to have a healthy and delicious holiday season.  Jenn Struik, a Personal Chef and Registered Dietician, shows us a fun and creative recipe to make our holiday parties and gatherings all the merrier.  Butter Boards are very popular on social media and are easy to customize them with all sorts of delicious flavors.  The recipe that Jenn shared with us is what she calls he “Sweet Up North Board”.  This recipe features Michigan-made ingredients including Michigan Cherries and Maple Syrup. 

Sweet Up North Board

Ingredients and things you will need:

Appetizer Board

Unsalted butter- Make Sure that it warms up to room temperature, leave out on counter overnight.        

MI Dried Cherries

MI Maple Syrup

Sea Salt 

Orange or Lemon


1.Take your room temperature unsalted butter and spread it generously to cover the entire board.  This is like frosting a cake. 

2. After spreading the butter, take a spoon and make patterns or indents in the butter.  This will help to hold the toppings and make your butter board look creative. 

3.  Then, generously sprinkle the MI dried cherries on top of the butter board.

4.  Next, take the MI maple syrup and drizzle it over the butter board. 

5.  Then take a pinch of seal salt and sprinkle it over the butter board.

6. Finally, take an orange or lemon, with a zester and peel some over the butter board.

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