GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – Meijer has everything to get you hopping for Easter this year.  The retailer has something for everyone’s Easter Basket – even for our pets. It also has some fun, tasty and innovative Easter-themed recipes. The first is to dye your eggs using blueberries instead of a traditional dye kit for a more natural and healthy approach.  The other is an avocado egg salad recipe that will help you with a fun, delicious way to eat all of those hard-boiled eggs.  You can check out these recipes below.   

There is nothing wrong with traditional Easter items and gifts, but why not mix things up this year?  Beth shared with us many wonderful ideas that really help the Easter bunny think outside of the basket.  If you’re looking for a fun alternative to a traditional basket full of candy, Meijer offers several practical alternatives.  For example, you could give your child who is enthusiastic about fishing a Paw Patrol tackle box with gear inside. Or for a teen or adult, you could give them things like a mixing bowl, kitchen supplies, purses, or even beach bags.  Other great non-traditional Easter basket items include nail polish, lip gloss, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, LEGOS and so many other fun things. 

Of course, we cannot forget about our furry friends who would also like to celebrate the occasion.  Julia Morrison, Pet Supplies at Meijer, shared the great variety of pet apparel that Meijer has.  From bunny costumes to Hawaiian themed-style shirts with eggs and Easter bunnies on them to name a few.  Taking note of customer feedback, Meijer now features costumes for larger breeds of dogs as well.   We can’t forget about our feline friends.  Meijer has car wands with cat nip in them as well as laser pointers.  A fun and healthy way to celebrate Easter with your dogs is a Easter egg hunt.  Using treats instead of plastic eggs this focusses on a dog’s sniffers.  Did you know that just 20 minutes of dogs using their sniffers is the equivalent of an hour-long walk? Meijer’s website makes it easy to build your pet’s Easter basket this year, check it out here.

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