GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-As we prepare for the big game next Sunday Meijer wants you to know that they have everything to make your party “super” this year.  Whether you are rooting for the Chiefs or the Eagles, one thing we can all agree on is good food.  Meijer nutritionist, Beth Eggleston shared with us some healthy and delicious ways to celebrate the big game!  Here is one that is healthy and delicious, an easy to make Apple Dip!

If you would rather let Meijer do the hard work, there are plenty premade fruit and vegetable trays that you can pick up.  All have delicious, fresh ingredients, that will fool your guests thinking that you slaved away in the kitchen.  Meijer also has you covered when it comes to kitchen accessories.  They have football themed tablecloths, plates, cups, even a yellow flag for fun party fouls.  Meijer also is running a spectacular ad this week in preparation for the big game, below are some highlighted items.

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