GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-This week is baby week Where You Live and Meijer offers several products for all of your baby care needs.  Meijer offers a great variety of baby food, baby care products and Mom care products.  For instance, your baby can acquire a versatile palette with baby food at Meijer such as Grass Fed Bison or Wild Caught Salmon, Babies do enjoy these meats, and this can be a great way to introduce your baby to new foods.  Another baby food product that Meijer features is Once Upon a Farm.  Their baby food is pressurized with pressure and not heat to maintain more nutrients.  The baby food tasted like fresh picked fruit, and you can find their refrigerated baby food cases at Meijer.  Ready Set Food is another food product that is offered at Meijer that can test your baby for allergies with your pediatric expert’s recommendation.

While Meijer offers a wide variety of nutritious, safe, and healthy baby food, they also offer a great variety of baby care products.  For instance, Boogie wipes which are a formulated wipe that makes wiping your baby’s nose gentler on them, preventing irritation.  Gone are the days of the diaper bag, what is hip now is the backpack.  Eddie Bauer features a special backpack for Moms and Dads to hold all your baby products.  Meijer also carries Nuby products which are teethers.  They feature a necklace and a teether that has a grip on it so your baby can gnaw on it.  Sassy Stem products feature plant based plastic products that are safer for your baby to chew on then petroleum-based plastics. 

Of course, we cannot forget about Mom, who can easily be forgotten while working hard to take care of her baby.  Meijer carries Frida Mom Instant Ice Maxi Pads and Honest Rock the Bump Body Butter.  You can find more information about all of the baby products that Meijer carries here at their website. 

Meijer is dedicated on providing all of your baby care needs and lives by this motto:

“Raising a tiny human is hard.  There is no right way, just your way. Meijer can help.”

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