GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – Spring break is the perfect time to check out the annual Butterflies are Blooming exhibit at Meijer Gardens. It can be a fun adventure for kids of all ages and Maranda’s colleague, Teresa Weakley, made a special video for parents.

Teresa lays out the strengths and weaknesses of each young age group. For those 10 and older, curiosity is a great strength, they have longer attention spans are more focused and can help out with younger children. In the three to five-year-old age group, curiosity is still a strength but their attention span is much smaller. Luckily, once you get inside the conservatory, there are plenty of butterflies to keep them entertained.  Regarding the toddlers in the group, cute and curious may still be strengths but a bundle of energy is probably a weakness. Taking toddlers might be a “con” if you’re looking to take your time and stroll through the exhibit.

Inside the conservatory, you’ll find more than 7,000 tropical butterflies. You can probably leave your jacket at home, it’s a balmy 85 degrees with 70% humidity inside. This is the largest temporary tropical butterfly exhibit in the nation.

Extended spring break hours:
9 a.m.-9 p.m. March 31 & April 3-7

Adults: $20
Children (3-13): $10
Children (2 and younger): Free
Seniors: $15

Special events:
Night of the Butterflies features access to the Butterflies are Blooming exhibition, family-friendly entertainment, a themed art activity and light refreshments. Bring your flashlight to find the butterflies as they roost in the trees.
April 2 and 10
6 p.m.-8 p.m.