GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-Students at Valley Wood Middle School learned how agriculture, construction, residential and commercial areas all impact our water system.  Using models they built, they learned how we all play a part in affecting our water system.  They saw on hand how our water use affected the Buck Creek Watershed.   Their focus was to answer the question as to why we should care about water. 

The Valleywood Great Lakes Watershed Stewards Project is headed by social studies teacher Bobbijo Zoerhof and English Teacher Jane VanHof.  Working with Grand Valley State University’s program Groundswell, students have been able to explore the creeks hands on.  Projects the students are focusing on include testing water quality in Buck Creek, exploring the creek using an underwater robot, and creating a nature themed mural to name a few.  You can learn more about what they students have discovered and are working on here.