GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-It is opening weekend at the John Ball Zoo, and nothing quite spells out Springtime in West Michigan than a visit to the John Ball Zoo.  You are sure to get lost in the incredible structures that you will find throughout the Zoo.  They are part of their beautiful Lantern festival that opens April 19th.  With over 55 lanterns that are eye catching in both the daytime and light up at night, you are sure to be blown away.  This year’s lantern festival focusses on 3 specific themes, water, land, culture.  What else is new at the zoo is 2 new animals, the Coatis, and the Sloths. 

John Ball Zoo has over 1200 animals that range from a variety of 150 species.  These animals range from being found here in our backyard to across the word.  John Ball Zoo works hard to coordinate with other zoos and work on the preservation and conservation of these animals.  John Ball Zoo’s focus is to conserve wildlife, engage in community and education.  When you visit the John Ball Zoo you are also given a chance to learn. 

Meet some of the latest members of the John Ball Zoo!


The John Ball Zoo added 2 boy coatis named Cusco and Durango. They are native to southern US to northern South America.

The John Ball Zoo welcomed a Linee’s two toed sloth named Twig. The Sloth is native to Central and Northern South America.

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