Grand Rapids, MI (WOOD) –For generations John Ball Zoo has been a place where West Michigander’s have formed childhood memories and created traditions that they pass on to their children.  One of the best times of the year to visit John Ball Zoo is during Zoo Goes Boo, which is taking place this weekend and the following weekend.  There are still tickets available and guests will have the opportunity to see many different zoo animals, one of the animals you can plan on seeing is the snow leopards.    

You will notice a lot of new decorations and scenes to see this year at the zoo.  There will be pirates and villains at the zoo as well as a magician.  Parents and kids are encouraged to dress up in their Halloween costumes as there will be 13 trick or treat booths spread out.  Another example of a fun animal you can see at Zoo Goes Boo is Jackie the Wallaby.  Jackie was born at John Ball Zoo and is now 1 year old.  The difference between Wallaby’s and Kangaroos is that Wallaby’s are not as big.  Jackie may not get any candy this Halloween but enjoys eating leaves, sweet potatoes, and apples.    

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