GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)- The Holland Aquatic Center is a community gem offering a welcoming environment where all visitors of every age and fitness ability can have fun and grow in their wellness journey. Besides their family-friendly Splash Zone and pools, did you know the Holland Aquatic Center features a world-class fitness center? Maranda joined some of the center’s staff, Jason Eplett and Jenn Ritsema, to learn all about their community fitness room and the 40+ land and water-based classes offered to members and visitors each week. 

Features of the Holland Aquatic Center’s Fitness Room: 

As stated on the Holland Aquatic Center’s website, some key features of their fitness room include free weights, upper and lower body machine weights, a stretching area, cardio machines, and 1/10th of a mile indoor track. View more of the fitness room amenities here

Fitness classes include a kids’ fun club, barre, therapeutic yoga, senior functional fitness, Zumba, aqua power, and more. View the complete schedule of classes here

Whether you’re a fitness connoisseur or looking for fun and simple ways to stay active or spend time with family, the Holland Aquatic Center welcomes everyone in Holland, Michigan, and beyond to explore their safe and friendly state-of-the-art facility. 

Sponsored by the Holland Aquatic Center