Grand Rapids, MI (WOOD) –Helen Devos Children’s Hospital knows that Halloween is a lot of fun but when it comes to being safe, we still must be cautious.  According to Kelly Miller from Helen Devos Children’s Hospital, kids’ vs vehicle pedestrian accidents are higher around Halloween because of dark neighborhoods which can make kids hard to see.  Another chilling statistic is according to the National Safety Council, Children are twice as likely to be hit by a car on Halloween than any other day of the year.  We can still have fun this year but there are some tips that you can take to make sure your goblin, superhero, princes, or super villain returns home safely to fight another day.    

When it comes to our costumes there are a few things we can do to help our kids be able to move and see with ease.  First, many kids will be superheroes this year with masks and capes.  It is important that our kids take their masks off at night as they can obstruct their vision.  This can be helpful as they may not be able to fully see a car coming on with a mask on.  Another thing is the length of or costumes.  Make sure that your child’s feet are not obstructed because they will be running, going up stair, ramps, and all sorts of things. 

Visibility of your child while they wear their costume is another important factor.  There are many cool and fun ways that your kids can be visible Halloween night.  They make several different styles of fun and colorful glowsticks that can be worn as necklaces or bracelets that your child can wear.  They also can wear button flashers that come in a variety of different, fun, Halloween themed styles that are reusable.  Another good tip is to put reflective tape on your child’s costume, so their costume is nice, bright, and visible.

When it comes to candy, it is important to make sure that our kids are eating age-appropriate candy and that we go through it before our children start to dig in.  Make sure you remove any opened candy, any that cause choking hazards, or homemade treats unless it is from someone that you can trust.  You can find more Halloween safety tips from Helen DeVos Children’s hospital here.     

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