Guitars, pianos, and drums are just some of the instruments that the doctors at Helen DeVos Children’s hospital use to help heal children.  Their music therapy program is helping kids cope with tough procedures and being in the hospital for long periods of time.  Most instruments are able to be brought to the patients’ room and kids can learn a new skill by playing an instrument of their choice.  They can also visit the studio where they can play an electric drum kit as well as a full-sized piano which they may not have the opportunity to everyday.

Most importantly the Music therapy program at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital brings family normalization.  Parents get a chance to see there child as a child during a really traumatic time for both kids and families.  This program gives these families a chance to breath, regenerate, and heal in a new way.   On the outside this program can look like a fun, playful and magical experience.  While it is just that, this program bridges a need for expression, creativity, and release, in a time of stress and uncertainty.  When asked just what the best part of the job was, Music Therapist Abby Walters said “Best part of the job being able to connect people in a real, honest way.  Meeting them where there at and reminding them that there is hope for the future. “    

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