Grand Rapids, MI (WOOD) –The Child and Family Life team at the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital worked very hard this year to make Halloween special for the kids in the hospital.  While most kids were out celebrating trick-or-treating yesterday, kids admitted at the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital celebrated in their own way.  There were cookie decorating kits and other goodies but most importantly Black Panther, Ironman, Spider-Man and Captain America all came by for a visit.  The superheroes scaled the side of the building waving at the children inside the hospital, the superheroes were met with the biggest of smiles from the children looking on.    

Modern Window Cleaning is who is behind the masks of these superheroes and have been part of making Halloween special for these kids for several of years.  One special patient was extra excited about the superheroes, his name was Jontrell who was dressed up as Halo for Halloween.  He learned earlier that day that superheroes were going to be visiting and he kept asking his mom when they would arrive.  Jontrell got to see the superheroes scale the building from many different rooms and then finally the heroes went to the sixth floor and paid Jontrell a visit, one he is likely to never forget.

Child Life specialist Kirsten Sites knows the impact that visits like these have for the kids.  She said “Kids who have to spend any holiday in the hospital are usually disappointed.  They don’t get to do what they were looking forward to doing.  So, this sort of thing makes their holidays a little more special.”  The child and family life team at Helen DeVos Children’s hospital work hard every day to make kids smile every day. 

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