GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – Sarena Rae, Grand Rapids native, wrote the song You’re Beautiful when she was 15 years old and now as an adult, she continues to live by the words in her song and encourages young people to find their inner beauty and uplift one another.

Sarena Rae loves to inspire and uplift, so when she was 15 years old she wrote that song that was originally created to inspire young girls and boys to believe that they truly are beautiful inside and out. She wanted to emphasize that everyone is different, no one is like them and everyone is a different fingerprint. Rea believes that all people have unique qualities that no one possesses and it is important to embrace you own unique power.

Sarena Rae, being a biracial woman, had some trouble finding a ture belonging while she was growing up. She uncovered the true belonging is self-belonging and she wants everyone to be able to find that within themselves and she shares that message within her music.

As Rae got older she went to Cornerstone University and eventually joined a couple local bands, but she still keeps up on her own music and inspires others through her own songs. She wants all of the music to uplift others, so she keeps focusing on writing her own music and telling stories through song.

While Rae is still working on music, she has a day job at Kent Career Tech Center as a career counselor. She has been working with kids and helps them to achieve their goals after high school. She helps them to look within themselves and find what really feeds their soul and what can serve others at the same time.

Rae’s definition of beauty is love. The way you love, connect and treat one another defines your individual beauty. It is kindness. It is not an outward appearance, but rather everything inside that vessel. True beauty lies on the interior. Just like when she was 15 years old, Rae continues to instill that message in her music and the kids that she works with every day.