GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-The Grand Rapids Public Museum was whirling with excitement as today was engineering day.  Many community partners came out to highlight STEM career-based paths that students were able to learn career paths too.  For instance, students were able to learn how a sewer system works.  They were able to see a hands on visual on how a sewer system works.  They learned what is acceptable to flush down the toilet, what happens to it, as well as what happens when we flush things that are harmful to the sewer system.  Another hands-on display was by the GVSU Region and science center.  They looked at storm drainage and how different soils absorb the different types of run off.    

The museum is also gearing up for a fun event that honors NASA Astronaut and Grand Rapids native Roger B. Chaffee.  Roger was part of the Nasa’s Apollo program, and unfortunately perished during training in a command module due to a fire.  For 7 years now the museum has been honoring the Grand Rapids Hero Roger B. Chaffee. The event takes place on February 10th through the 11th.  You can find more information about the event here

Roger That!  Celebrations at the Museum

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