Grand Rapids, MI (WOOD) –There is a fun and creepy exhibit that has just rolled into the Grand Rapids Public Museum, titled The Power of Poison.  This exhibit from the American of Natural History looks at poison in many different aspects from the nature, myth, history, human health, and its role in science.  This exhibit is perfect to get you into the Halloween spirit as you can explore many different toxic plants and animals including a giant spider.  Poison plays a part in life and its daily struggle to survive, and this exhibit helps remind us how dangerous life can be outside of society.       

There are 5 major aspects that the exhibit focusses on and explores.  Those are poison for good, poison by accident, detecting poisons, poison in myth and legend, and poison in nature.  Poison for good focuses on how poisons are being explored for medical research.  Poison by accident is a gallery that looks at some of history’s most notorious poisoners.  Detecting poisons is where visitors can learn about a real-world case that took place in the 1830s.  Poison in myth and legend takes a famous scene from Macbeth and re creates it.  Finally, poison in nature looks at how poisons have been used as means to survival for many organisms in nature.          

The exhibit explores humans’ curiosity and development of poison as well as how it has evolved in animals and plants.  It also explores how scientists today are researching poisons to use in new medical treatments.  The exhibit also explores murder mysteries involving poisoning as well as myths and legends behind poison.  The exhibit is included with general admission and do not forget that if you are a Kent County Resident under the age of 17, you can visit the museum for free every day.  You can find more information about The Power of Poison here.

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