GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-It’s cookie time!  The Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore are offering eight different choices of cookies. While the cookies are sweet, something sweeter is the experience the troops get. These girl scouts are offered the opportunity to develop independence, customer service skills, and confidence through the program. Troop leader, Tara Herrington, mentioned how some of the girls have been with her since kindergarten. Initially they were timid to sell cookies, but now, with experience they have the confidence to run a booth on their own.  

One trooper cites her favorite thing about “cookie time” is the experience. The enjoyment of going door to door and engaging with her troop causes for an awesome adventure. They have the chance to experience new things such as horseback riding, ice skating, and rope courses. These activities, along with crafts and music, help create a sense of community.

While these cookies bring us instant gratification, the proceeds go much farther in helping the community. At the beginning of the cookie season, the scouts gather to decide whom they’ll help in West Michigan. Each year is different, sometimes it’s hometown heroes, children’s hospitals, and people in need.  

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