GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)- Maranda and her friends from Fifth Third Bank, the City of Holland, and the Tulip Time Festival are having a blast exploring the Netherlands, but their fun adventures also serve a purpose! Between admiring the gorgeous scenery and architecture, feasting on delicious cuisine, and interacting with the community, Maranda and the crew are learning about the cultural connections between the Netherlands and Holland, MI. 

“Most of what we’re doing this week is rediscovering the traditions here, where things come from and how they translate back to Holland, Michigan,” Scott Stenstrom from Fifth Third Bank said.

While on their trip, they’ve had the opportunity to examine authentic Dutch costumes, learn about the biking industry, see how tulip bulbs are processed and shipped to Holland, interact with students and residents of the Netherlands, and find inspiration for the “95th Annual Tulip Time Festival” returning in May. 

“Our theme is Bikes and Blooms for next year, and the biking industry here is huge,” Gwen Auwerda, executive director for the Tulip Time Festival, said. “The streets are all set up with bike lanes, ninety percent of the people here have bikes, and we’re excited to be able to share bikes and tulip blooms in May during Tulip Time.”  

See what’s in store for the Tulip Time Festival here

Next stop on the itinerary? It’s a visit to a cheese shop in Den Haag with Ibo Gulsen, where locals purchase delicious fresh and fermented cheese on a daily/weekly basis. Check out all the fun in the segment featured above!

Sponsored by Fifth Third Bank.