GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)- Attending college is an exciting experience for many young adults! The joys of moving into a new dormitory, establishing lifelong friendships and exploring campus life are undeniable. However, while striving for higher education and entering this thrilling new chapter of life, it’s imperative to keep finances in mind. 

Fifth Third Bank is sharing valuable financial advice for parents as their kids head back to school: 

Start early: Parents, while your kids are still at home, help them create a checking account to build their money management, budgeting and saving skills. 

Protect your identity: Unfortunately, college campuses are not immune to theft and fraudulent activity. Students can protect their identity by keeping track of their personal belongings like wallets, credit cards and ID’s. Fifth Third Bank also offers various tools and techniques to help parents, students, and families protect and monitor their accounts and information. 

Build credit: It’s never too early for college students to prepare for a successful financial future. Building a good credit score is beneficial for renting a first apartment or financing a car, to name a few. 

Seek help and additional advice: Fifth Third Bank welcomes everyone to come in and connect with their wonderful team of financial experts. While every financial need or situation differs, Fifth Third Bank is ready to help families, parents, students and the community feel financially empowered. 

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