GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — To be a champion you must have a champion mindset.  The Ferris State Bulldogs embrace that mindset and are committed to becoming champions daily.  Over the past decade, the Bulldogs have proven they are champions by collecting 23 regular conference season titles, 17 conference tournament championships, eight NCAA regional crowns, six national semifinal appearances, three trips to a national title game, and the school’s first national championship. The reason for the Bulldogs’ success is not only its talented athletes but the opportunity for success that Ferris State University offers its athletes.  One of the ways Ferris State prepares its students is the completion of its Center for Athletics Performance.

Maranda talked with Steve Brockelbank, director of athletics at Ferris State University.  When talking about the purpose behind the facility he said it was much more than just a new center for athletics performance.  Brockelbank said this facility is about impacting student-athletes, creating new development, recruiting student-athletes and retaining them.  Ferris State has 17 different sports and what makes this facility special is that it touches all its student-athletes.  The Center for Athletics Performance focuses on offering a student-experience-driven environment that focuses on the physical and mental needs of every student-athlete. 

One of the highlights of the Center for Athletics Performance is Bulldog Arena.  Ferris State University is one of the first schools in the nation to have a volleyball arena dedicated to volleyball.  Ferris State University has a tremendous history and tradition in women’s volleyball.  The center also features break-out rooms, a large team room and a new area for strength and conditioning. 

So, what does it mean to be a national champion?  For a student-athlete, it means lifetime memories and seeing all the hard work, commitment and dedication pay off. It amplifies a university and draws attention to it.  You can learn more about how the Ferris State Bulldogs continue to be champions here

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