GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – West Michigan families love to get outside to enjoy summer’s and a great way to do it is camping. Maranda set out on a camping adventure and brought the DeYoung family as her special guests. The Wabasis Lake Campground in Greenville was the site which houses over 90 campsites, 3 rental cabins, cottages, and sits on Wabasis Lake.

The DeYoungs are a family of 7 and while that can make camping difficult, General RV brought out a luxury camper to show them how easy it can be.

John Haralson gave Daddy D a full tour of the camper which includes both an indoor and outdoor kitchen, 2 full sized bunk beds, a bathroom and master bedroom.

ESCAPE Fire Safety joined Maranda and the DeYoung’s to showcase how to safely start a campfire. His tips included, using dried sticks and dry kindling in place of using flammable liquids. Jennifer Hoekstra from the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital also came out to explain the importance of campground safety, particularly when riding your bike. Kids need to remember to wear a helmet, close toed shoes, and watch for cars driving by.

The DeYoung’s took a trip down to the beach and there they met Amanda Duimstra from the Holland Aquatics Center who advised for kids to have the proper sized safety vests, watching your children closely when they’re in the water, and the importance of swimming lessons.

Would it even be camping with s’mores?