GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)- Students across Ottawa County are celebrating National Manufacturing Week throughout November with trips to various local businesses, including Haworth Inc.!

Located in Holland, MI, students toured the family-owned facility to learn about various facets of the manufacturing industry, including interior design, marketing, and communications, to name a few. 

Not only was this a fun field trip outside of the classroom, but Haworth Program Manager Heather Daniel says touring the facility allows students to explore the possibilities of various careers. 

“When they’re here, what we really want them to walk away with is what a creative and innovative industry this is. So, it’s a great place that they can be for really any career whether they’re interested in designing, whether interested in engineering or whether they want to be in operations and help to actually build the product,” Daniel said.

In addition to gaining insight into professional careers, students at Careerline Tech Center are acquiring hands-on experience in business management by developing and operating their school-based enterprise, Port 31.

During the management program, students are “building a professional portfolio showcasing management, leadership, and customer service skills developed during the course” by fulfilling roles in finance, human resources, marketing, operations, and more, which Lori Grams, Business Management Instructor at the Careerline Tech Center, believes is imperative. 

“This really gives them an opportunity to have that career exploration piece, which I think is so critical for the high school level,” she said. 

Learn more about National Manufacturing Week in Maranda’s segment featured above. 

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