GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-Careerline Tech Center, a service of Ottawa Area Intermediate School District, offers students hands on ways to explore several different career paths.  This year’s Auto Show was a great experience for the Media communications students at the Careerline Tech Center.  They got to work together with 5 manufactures, the Mosaic film Experience and Gentex to create a film that played at the Auto Show.  We got to talk to Joey, a Senior at Jenison High School and a student at the Careerline Tech Center who got the opportunity to edit the film.

While Joey’s classmates were out shooting B roll, interviews, Joey’s job was to edit the entire film.  He sorted hours of footage that was captured during the 5 week project, while students also recorded audio in post-production to add to the film.  The film was a success and was show at this year’s Auto Show, you can learn more about the project here

The beauty of the Careerline Tech Center is the hands-on activities it gives it students in a diverse range of career paths.  They offer classes that give students real world job experience in Health care, automotive, culinary, and business management to name just a few.  The Careerline Tech Center allows their students to explore and figure out what they want to do for a career by experiencing it. 

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