GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-As baby week continues Where You Live, we would like to look at the top baby names of 2023.  These names were compiled from 7,370 babies birthed at Corewell Health West!

Here is a more in depth look into the meanings and origins of each of the top 10 baby names for boys and girls for 2023 as well as some fun facts that we found according to

Top baby Girl’s names meanings and fun facts

1. Evelyn

The name Evelyn’s direct meaning is Beautiful Bird. The name came from combining the two names Eve with Lynn.  Nicknames for Evelyn can be Eve, Ev, Evvy and Lynn. 

2. Olivia

The name Olivia’s direct meaning is Ancestor’s Descendant. Olivia derives from the name Oliver and has nothing to do with olives or olive trees. Nicknames for Olivia can be Liv, Livvy, and Libby. There are event Places in the United States that are named Olivia, those are Olivia, North Carolina, and Olivia, Minnesota.


The name Charlotte’s direct meaning is Free. Charlotte is the female version of the male name Charles. Nicknames for Charlotte include Charlie, Charlety, Lottie, Lotta and Char. 

4. Eleanor

The name Eleanor’s direct meaning is actually unknown and unconfirmed. Nicknames for Eleanor include Ellie, Elea, Nor or Norie. 

5. Sophia/Sofia

The name Sophia’s/Sofia’s direct meaning is Wisdom. The most common alternate spelling of Sophia is Sofia. 

6. Nora/Norah

The name Nora’s/Norah’s direct meaning is Honor. A common different spelling of the name is Norah. 

7. Madelyn/Madalyn

The name Madelyn’s direct meaning is Woman of Magdala. Since the late 1980s there has been an increase of girl babies being named Madelyn. Another common way to spell Madelyn is Madalyn. 

8. Amelia

The name Amelia’s direct meaning is Work. Another variation of the name that is common is Emilia. There are many towns in the United States that are named Amelia.

9. Emma

The name Emma’s direct meaning is Universal. Common nicknames for Emma include Em and Emmy

10. Violet/Violett

The name Violet’s/Violett’s direct meaning is Purple/Blue flower.  The flower that the name references is a member of the genus Viola. 

Top baby boys’ names meanings and fun facts

1. Oliver

The name Oliver’s direct meaning is Descendant of the Ancestor. The name Oliver has nothing to do with Olives or Olive trees. Common nick names for Oliver are Ol and Oly.

2. Theodore

The name Theodore’s direct meaning is Gift of God or Divine Gift. Common nicknames for Theodore include Ted, Teddy and Theo. The Teddy Bear was named after U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt.

3. Noah

The name Noah’s direct meaning is Rest, Peace. Common nicknames includes No and Noey.

4. Henry/Henri

The name Henry’s/Henri’s direct meaning is Ruler of the Home. The French version of Henry is spelled Henri, in German it is spelled Henrik. Common nicknames of Henry are Harry, Henny, Hank, and Hen. 

5. Benjamin

The name Benjamin’s direct meaning is Son of my right hand. Nicknames for Benjamin include Ben, Benny and Benjie. 

6. Miles/Myles

The name Miles’s/Myles’s direct meaning is soldier. Miles is also commonly spelled as Myles. Miles comes from a German variation of the name Milo.

7. Hudson

The name Hudson’s direct meaning is Son of Hudd. Hudson actually started as an English surname but has been now adopted as a first name.

8. William

The name William’s direct meaning is Will, Desire, and protection. Nicknames for William include Will, Willie, Bill, Billy, and Liam. 

9. Jackson

The name Jackson’s direct meaning is Son of Jack/John. A common variation of the name Jackson is Jaxon. Nick names for Jackson include Jack, Jax, and Jay. 

10. Liam

The name Liam’s direct meaning is with gilded helmet. Liam started as a short name for William.    

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