GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-The students at Ferry Elementary and Voyager School in Grand Haven have enjoyed hands on activities outside of the classroom with local businesses.  MiSTEM Network is a program that works across the state in 16 different regions working to bring businesses, the community, and education, together to partner for high quality STEM experiences for students.  The students were able to partner with local businesses in their community.  The idea behind the program was to get students engaged in learning about their community.  As they visit and help these local businesses, they can learn not only about a possible career path but also learn about what is available in their community. 

Each classroom and teacher had a partnership created by MiSTEM to make this learning opportunity available.  Students at Ferry Elementary and Voyager School were able to experience hands on learning that is engaging and increases their learning and sparks their curiosity.   Part of Ferry Elementary and Voyager School school’s mission is to cultivate meaningful relationships, offer relative and engaging learning as well as community involvement.    Principal Shelly Hammond says that this is the most impactful program that the school has been involved in.  You can find more information about the program here .   

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