GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-Learning is sprouting at the West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science (WMAES)! Maranda had the opportunity to see how learning is growing at their greenhouse. Used in all seasons, the WMAES takes curriculum applications and applies them through hands-on learning in the greenhouse. Within the first full year of operation, the WMAES has used the greenhouse to offer its students unique environmental learning opportunities.

One of the coolest aspects of the greenhouse is how WMAES seniors can utilize it for their capstone projects. Every senior completes a capstone project focusing on a global issue they are passionate about. Marco, a senior at WMAES, is using the greenhouse for his pollinator project.

He is growing plants in the greenhouse that support monarch butterflies, which are on the endangered species list. He is creating a small sanctuary where these plants can be transplanted.
Another way the greenhouse is being used at WMAES is to support 11th and 12th graders’ Service-Learning Trip.

This year’s trip is to the Cascade Mountains, where students will help with trail maintenance and assist in improving parks and trails. To help fund the trip, they are hosting a vegetable garden plant sale. Students have learned how to plant tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers to help fund their trip. The sale takes place May 8-10. You can learn more information here.

If you can’t make the sale but still want to help support these students, they are thankfully accepting donations.

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