GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)- A fantastic hands-on learning opportunity WOOD TV8 brings to classrooms across West Michigan is the Weather Experience. Hosted by Ellen Bacca, Chief Meteorologist at WOOD TV8, kids can learn about the weather in a fun and interactive way. 

Students across the community can experience what a real-life TV studio is like as they connect with Ellen through a Zoom call. The cool part is the children follow along and conduct the same experiments Ellen demonstrates in the classroom. With cartoon videos, weather explainers and experiments, kids have a blast learning about the weather. 

We joined students from Three Oaks Public Academy in Muskegon to see how much they enjoyed the Weather Experience. Weather topics such as snow, tornadoes, lightning and wind were discussed, and the kids were full of excitement when asking their questions.

Students also had the chance to participate in hands-on learning experiments led directly by an expert in the field. Chances are that some of these children will become future meteorologists and can tip their hats to Ellen and her Weather Experience for inspiring them. 

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