GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) –Choice Schools has a student-centric philosophy to ensure the development of students to ensure that everyone thrives.  One of Choice Schools partners is Three Oaks Public School Academy.  They are making literacy fun during March is reading month by hosting TOPSA family night.  This event focused on the success of the students in reading and literacy.  Its main focus was to take those successes and connect the students with an interest in a future career.  That way students are able to envision a clear path to future success.  At the TOPSA family night, students were able to explore different STEAM related careers, dream big, pick up a free book to support literacy and more! 

Three Oaks Public School Academy recognizes that families are fundamental to everything that they do.  They understand the importance of the security they give to parents when they drop their kids of at school that they will be safe, happy, and learning. 

Maranda got to speak with Sam Frizzle, 4th grade teacher at Three Oaks Public School Academy.  When talking about learning and career development at Three Oaks, Sam said “What we see right now is kids just going I am going to do the test to get a good grade.  That’s great but we must push them further to the why they are in school at all.  It is to develop their future careers and get them ready for a good life.”  Three Oaks Public School Academy teaches its students an invaluable lesson, a love for learning.

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