GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-The Van Andel Institute supports our children, the next generation of leaders, by giving them a voice through many different programs they offer.  During ArtPrize at Rosa parks Circle, Van Andel Institute handed out chalk encouraging kids to write uplifting messages that inspires hope.  Messages such as “You are doing a great job” or “No one fights alone” can be kind reminders to on goers that they are loved and cared for.  McKenzie Hollern, Events and Corporate Giving Administrator at Van Andel Institute says that “Van Andel Institute is all about bringing 100 percent hope to the community”

Van Andel Institute Purple Community offers so many ways students can get involved.  For example, the students at Otsego school got involved with the Purple Community.  They have been fundraising money by having school carnivals, assemblies and at football games, all to support Van Andel institute’s research in their fight against Cancer and Parkinson disease.  Van Andel Institute also offers a leadership lunch and learn where students and teachers are invited to see their building and learn from researchers.  There are several ways that students can get involved and volunteer and you can find more information here.

Van Andel Institute is committed to the next generation because they are our future leaders.  Van Andel Institute offers many after school programs, summer camps and field trips.  Cory Kavanagh, Instructional Specialist at Van Andel Institute shared about a special program they had for 4th and 5th grade girls that is now on display at ArtPrize.  The program was an all-girls week that focused on astronomy and learning about our solar system.  They currently have model planets put all around the city of Grand Rapids and you can find them while you enjoy all if the art and displays at ArtPrize.  You can learn more about the solar system here.  The Van Andel Institute also believes on doing things hands on.  That is why you can see and experience cools animals and lizards such as Cleopatra the bearded lizard.    

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