GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) —Wedgwood Christian Services knows that inspiration can come from many things, especially art as ArtPrize 2022 kicks off this week.  They have worked with artist Joel Schoon-Tanis to help their clients heal and let out their emotions through the medium of artwork and collaborative art projects.  Joel’s art is inspiring and beautiful, some of his work is currently up at Wedgwood Christian Services.  His art has given their patients the medium to be able to process and deal with the hurt that they experience. 

Wedgwood Christian Services uses art to help build their clients self esteem and confidence.  There are so many benefits to art especially when used in therapy.  Art is a nonverbal activity that really helps patients express themselves and the emotions they are experiencing.  Today, Joel brought a collaborative art piece that he has worked on before with the kids of Wedgwood Christian Services.  It involved taking pieces of paper and gluing them over a general image to make a collaborative art piece.   

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