GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-Maranda got to help celebrate Biggby’s 28th Birthday today by checking out and making some of their delicious drinks.  All throughout today Biggby offered its customers 50 percent off all drinks today!  Averaging about 60 drinks for hour, thousands of happy Biggby customers today helped Biggby celebrate.  Whether you like the seasonal Mint chip crème freeze, the Teddy Bear, or just coffee, one thing everyone can agree on is the joy Biggby bring us. 

Many people may not know this, but Biggby got its start in East Lansing.  Opening its first of many single stores on March 15th, 1995.  The rest was history as the coffee franchise has not only become a Michigan staple but has over 300 locations in over 10 states.  Biggby offers a unique experience that is focused on their customers which stands them apart from other coffee shops.  You can learn more about the history of Biggby, what specials are happening, locations, and other general information here.    

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