GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — What if a crisis happened in our country? Imagine something terrible that would force us to flee our homes and land for survival and safety. How would we feel if this happened to us? Then imagine how hard it would be to go to a new country where others did not accept us. Visualize how hard it would be to learn a new language right now. Without support as a refugee in a new country can be very frightening. Bethany Christian Services offers many services and tips on how to open our hearts to our new neighbors.

Claire Hopkins, Refugee Foster Care Family Recruiter at Bethany Christian Services, shared helpful tips on how we can provide a helping hand as neighbors of refugees and immigrants. So many of us already possess the skills to be compassionate neighbors. We may also have neighbors, so welcoming new individuals and families to our community should not be difficult. 

One of the best things about welcoming new neighbors, especially those from diverse cultures, is learning about their traditions, religions, holidays and languages. 

Bethany Christian Services has a variety of resources offering ways to get involved. One of the most important things families need to know is Bethany is on their side. There are various levels of commitment when deciding to volunteer and make a difference. You can help in small ways by mentoring and shopping for a family. Other ways to get involved include becoming a family’s primary contact or certified foster parents. No matter how you decide to help, Bethany Christian Services makes being a kind neighbor easy by giving you all the support and resources you need. You can find more information about how you can help here