GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-Every family is unique and special.  Bethany Christian Services works very hard to help open hearted and open-door West Michigan Families with Refugees in need of a home.  Family by definition is a group of one or more parents and their children living together as a unit according to the Oxford dictionary.  There is nothing in that definition that suggests that those kids must be biological.  The Korsmo family is one of many families that have opened their heart and their mind to having someone in need live in their home, though the Bethany Christian Services Independent Living program. 

Cindy Korsmo and her husband are no strangers to welcoming people into their homes.  Growing up they were used to welcoming those in need in their home from pastors to some of their classmates at home.  The Korsmos are in the belief that if you have room in your home, you should open it up for those in need.  That is when they met David, a refuge who came from Guatemala at the age of 15. 

The Korsmo family have only been blessed since David’s arrival into their home.  Cindy and her husband feel a sense of pride in having another son alongside her 2 other sons that are 8 and 12.  David has been a blessing as the children are learning his native language of Spanish and they have another person to play with.

Bethany Christian Services Independent Living program gives community the opportunity to make a difference.  Best of all they make it easy doing all the heavy lifting to connect families with refugees in need.  This program helps so many refugees be able to jump over so many obstacles that many face when coming to America for the first time.   They develop independent living skills, and get to establish financial stability, as many still support their families back in their home country.

Right now, Bethany Christian Services needs inviting families as there are about 104 youth are currently waiting for placement in the program.  If you heard the call and want to help, you can learn more about the Independent Living program here

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