GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)- Great things are happening at the Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation, including workforce development, innovation and enterprise, to name a few!

Established in 2015 in the Madison Square Neighborhood by five founding partners-Bethany Christian Services, Rising Grinds Cafe, Building Bridges Professional Services, NAACP of Greater Grand Rapids and the Grand Rapids Nehemiah Project-The Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation exists to “create opportunities for transformation through meaningful relationships, work, education and community development.” 

Join Maranda for a tour of the transformation center, which includes a look inside their YouthBuild workshop area for teens and young adults, lounges, the 1530 Event Space/commercial kitchen and more. 

Plus, learn about Bethany Christian Services’ upcoming event, “Family Changes Grand Rapids.” Hosted from 6-8:30 p.m., on Thursday, Nov. 30, the event will feature an open house and an opportunity for guests to learn about different ways to impact the community through Bethany’s programs. 

“We are interested in one thing and one thing only: seeing families thrive, which will help communities thrive, then lead to a city that’s flourishing for all,” Crystal Houston, Executive Director of Bethany Youth & Community Development, said.

Learn more about Bethany Christian Services’ event here

Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation

Address: 1530 Madison Ave, SE, Grand Rapids, MI, 49507

Phone: 616-254-7739

Sponsored by Bethany Christian Services