GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-The Battle Creek Community Foundation is always stepping in and doing what they can to build stronger families and communities.  That is why they support the hard work and dedication that Miles for Memories has for those who are experiencing dementia.  Miles for Memories is a grassroots organization that is made up of volunteers dedicated to the cause of finding solutions for those that have been impacted by dementia.  Working with the Battle Creek Community Foundation, Miles for Memories was able to create a way to bring awareness and conversation to kids and adults about dementia.  They are using puppets and storytelling to reach kids in a way that they can understand.

Puppets are a great way to talk to kids about tough topics.  Puppets allow an opening for conversation that meets kids at their level.  When talking about these topics through puppets kids feel safe to ask questions.  These shows can also help parents be able to have some of these conversations easier when referencing puppets.

While these puppets are educational and fun for our children, they can also help bring new resources for dementia patients through parents.  For instance, Grandma and Grandpa puppets are equipped with Miles for Memories safe return bracelets.  These bracelets have helped over 135 community members find their homes safely after wandering.  This has helped save at least a half a million dollars for the community because these patients who would end up in an ambulance or sent to a hospital are able to return home safely.  These wrist bands are waterproof and never need charging.  You can learn more about the bracelet and how to order one here.         

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